DT series Multi-pass test bench


The filter housing and the connectors are designed in accordance with the international standard, widely used in the lubricating oil system of circulating loop, test systems, vehicles, punching machine, ships and offshore platforms etc.  

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Product Characteristics:

Filter basic construction
DT series filters are connected by a switch valve, drift diameter DN80 and above is equipped with pressure balance pipeline; below DN80,
the balance valve is put in change-over valve body.This structure reduces the pressure impact on the filter when switching valve,standard filter
is with vent hole, relief hole, and mounting holes of clogging indicator.  
 2.1 Housing material
Optional: Ductile iron, cast steel  
 2.2 Seals
Perbunan (=NBR)
 2.3 Filter element
Filter medium material
High strength carbon steel skeleton
 2.4 Optional accessories
Without clogging indicator, with steel plug
Visual clogging indicator: CM-03
Electrical clogging indicator: CM-05
Combined visual /electrical clogging indicator: CM-08
Bypass valve (setting 6 bar)

Product Type Selection:

Product Technical Data:

Product Mounting Size:

4.1 RFLD 111-501

Note: 1)Flange connection SAE J518C (Standard pressure 3000psi)
          2)Thread connection in accordance with ISO 228. 
4.2 RFLD 661-1301

Note: Flange connection as per SAE J518C (Standard pressure 3000psi)
           DIN flange connection as per DIN2501.PN25/40 (D or E seal)
4.3 RFLD 332/502/503

4.4 RFLD 662-1302,853,1322 

Note: DIN flange connection as per DIN2501, PN25/40 (D or E seal)

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