Talent Strategy

Talent strategy has always been an important part of DIFFILTRI’s development strategies. “Knowing talents and making good use of their talents” is DIFFILTRI’s personnel policy. “Attracting talents and developing talents” is DIFFILTRI’s consistent policy and the core of its talent strategy. In the development process of DIFFILTRI, first-class talents have laid a solid basis for it to become the leader in the mechanical manufacturing industry.

“People foremost” is an important idea of DIFFILTRI’s corporate culture. Talents are the primary resources, and the basis of development and competition of enterprises. In DIFFILTRI, there are broad space for personal development, good growth environment, effective performance assessment and incentive mechanism, rich corporate culture and favorable benefits. In DIFFILTRI, there is a complete set of scientific human resources management system for talent recruitment, selection, employment and development. So every ambitious and capable person can give full play to capabilities at their posts and fulfill their ambition here.

In DIFFILTRI, staff have a sense of identity of enterprise value, a sense of belonging to career, a sense of achievement through struggle and a sense of security about life.

In DIFFILTRI, staff get stages for showing their talents!